Friday, 13 May 2016


And then man created Satan....

because owning up to your own
bullshit is just too damn hard.

Many of the major religions have a dark side character that can lead you astray. If you are not following the rules, it's possible that the 'devil made you do it', so that whatever sin you have committed has an outside force to shoulder the blame. 

Why is it necessary to have someone to blame for everything? When a person does something 'wrong' this attitude is what keeps them from admitting the wrongdoing and accepting the consequences? They know that they can incriminate someone or something outside themselves, and avoid any repercussions.

Seriously, no one can make you do anything, it is ALWAYS a choice, and you are ALWAYS responsible for the choices you make.

You are 100% responsible for your life and everything you choose to say or do. There will be times you wish you could retract the whole thing or shrug it off on someone else but you're still culpable. Even if you get away with it for a time it will haunt you, or you'll be found out. There is really no point in running from the truth, you are only postponing the inevitable, and  allowing  the obsession to continue. You can make it as easy or as hard on yourself as you please.

Owning up to your own bullshit is the only way you will ever find peace.