Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Once lived, the past has very little value. And yet we carry its lifeless body into all future moments, allowing it to crush us with its weight, to identify us, and to speak for us.

Don Miguel Ruiz

The PAST... it's a very big word, it's all the time spent, the memories, good or bad. It formed us, created our belief system, showed us how to 'BE'. You don't know anything that you didn't learn in your past.

Once you become an adult and start navigating your own life, you can reflect on all that has taken place and decide what serves you now and what doesn't. The problems arise when this isn't done when you continue to function in the past., managing your life with the belief system of yesteryear. 

Are you finding that you are having issues.... does everything make you angry, sad/depressed, lonely, or just plain scared?  Are you finding you have no 'joi de vivre',  that it's too hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, just to do the same thing AGAIN? Your family has abandoned you, your friendships have dwindled and your dog has run away from home? (You have all the makings of a country song) 

This is you, trying so hard to live up to your past, to follow all the rules, be a good citizen and carry on. Is this working for you?  Take some time and spend your energy on YOU. 

All the information you downloaded as a child needs to be re-examined. You can re-work what is workable and let go of what doesn't serve you,  but don't just allow your past to speak for you. 

Go with your new updated version.