Thursday, 17 September 2015

Don't take life so seriously. It's not like you're going to get out alive.

This is a quote I was raised with. My Dad said it a tad differently... "Don't take life too seriously you won't get out alive anyway." It's the same message. Having Kermit give it to you may take away from the seriousness of the quote. By serious, I mean, don't take on the weighty thoughts of life, don't get wrapped up in the drama. Life is meant to be a celebration, an adventure, not a sober, somber affair.

I know that many of you think that life IS serious, there are obligations and responsibilities. You need to be mature and prudent, watch your back and think things through. Yes, you can do that, be on your toes at all times, with a 'buyer beware' attitude. Do your due diligence, I'm sure you'll save yourself from many unforeseen problems. But with this attitude, it may turn out to be a long, tedious existence.

I feel that if you are that uptight about your life and how you navigate it, you must be up to your ears in fears. How can you possibly be present and alive when you are busy planning how to circumnavigate the next impending disaster? Where is the enjoyment when you are looking over your shoulder for imminent danger?

If you had a little faith in yourself, it would be unnecessary to be so scared. If you see the world as a scary place, it will be. Don't look for trouble, because coincidently, if you see the world as a loving place, it will be.

If you are firmly grounded in faith, whatever your belief system, you don't automatically download all the information you hear/see regarding this scary world. The lesson remains the same, do your inner work. Find out what keeps fear alive within you, and work on letting it go. Bad things will always happen, just as good things will. You need to KNOW that you will be OK no matter which way things go and then just dive into life. LIVE it.

There is not security for those who seek it outside of themselves" 
Byron Katie