Thursday, 10 September 2015


If you're always racing to the next moment, what happens to the you're in?
Enjoy the ride!

Isn't that the way it goes? We have too much on our plate, too many oars in the water, too many friends and family that need us. Doesn't it feel good to be so important and in demand? You may have moments of gratitude that you are needed, but mainly, isn't it exhausting? 

If you are running around taking care of everyone and everything, who is taking care of you? You are giving yourself away and missing YOUR life. You are also missing the point.

Life is not a race, it is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. This is your life, for YOU.... it is meant as a human experience in which you will learn and grow. But in order to really have this experience you need to be present in the moment. You don't see/feel/touch/smell or hear much of anything when you are running to and fro. You are missing everything, life isn't meant to be a struggle.

If you are obsessing about everything, you are accomplishing nothing.

There is no glory in being so stressed. Stress doesn't mean that you work harder or care more; in fact, it usually means you want more attention. Of course you do, you have been giving it to the world, but, again, what about you? 

The attention you need can only come from you... you need to give yourself the loving care you crave, the care that you give to everything and everyone else. You are your own life partner, you will be with yourself until the end. You can count on that. So take care of yourself, slow down and enjoy the ride!