Sunday, 16 July 2017


"Love is not possessiveness; many people think that's what love is" you possess somebody totally. To possess somebody is to destroy all possibility of love."


You don't own your husband or wife, they are not your property. Just because you marry someone does not obligate them to do whatever you want. This is a choice each person makes, to delight and/or please the other, it is not an expectation or obligation. You are not in charge of them, they are a partner in your life, you work through life together. 

Usually, there is a mutual love and respect with the other person in the union, but they are still a separate entity. Marriage may make you a family, but it does not make one person out of the two of you. It's quite presumptuous, isn't it, to think you can control or possess another adult?

If you think of your spouse as a possession, you may be surprised when you have a rebellion on your hands. No person can be considered as property, a chattel, owned or YOURS. This person has chosen to spend their life with you in a harmonious, loving way, and you will surely ruin it if you think of them as your property. This is not love.

Love is unconditional, there are no other requirements, it's freely given from the heart. Love is a gift.

Love is a Rose - Linda Ronstadt
"Love is a rose but you better not pick it
Only grows when it's on the vine
Handful of thorns and you'll know you've missed it
Lose your love when you say the word MINE."

Reprint of #474