Thursday, 6 July 2017


You're never in the wrong place.

Sometimes you're in the right place looking at things in the wrong way.


You planned your life long before you returned to Earth this time. You set everything up to learn what you wanted to learn. You chose your family, your friends,  and every situation that you have been in..... it has all been for your growth. 

There are no accidents, everything happens for a reason.

Consequently, you can never be in the wrong place... it may appear that way if you're not happy with what has happened, but because of this particular event, you have learned something important, something you came here to learn.

If you work on this premise, you will find day to day life much easier... 
Just remember:
No one is out to get you. EVER! 
YOU have set this up for your own benefit.

Therefore, if something 'bad' happens, instead of reacting with 'why me,' look for the message. There is a reason for everything that takes place. There is no need for blame and/or shame. YOU arranged this exact situation long ago and it will be a tremendous help to you in your journey. There is a reason for you to be here at this time. Look for the signs, the whole Universe is here to guide you.