Wednesday, 18 January 2017



If you think you need a leader or religion, then you are not conscious period.

Being conscious means that you are capable of thinking independently and no longer need to be guided.

Conscious people don't need to be told what to believe because their logic and reason allows them the ability to use their minds.

Conscious: aware and responding to one's surroundings; awake

Many people go through their entire lives in a fog, like robots, doing what is necessary and leaving it at that. There is no thought, intention or decisiveness to their actions, they just merely follow along like lambs. Their life is not necessarily unhappy or unproductive, just avoidant of anything that will disrupt the world as they know it. They live in a bubble, well-protected from turmoil, confrontation, and upset. 

If nothing earth-shattering happens to give them a jolt, these people will continue in this way until the end of their time. They have no reason to wonder or question anything, so everything remains the same, steady and safe. If something earth-shattering does occur in their world, they may start to question their beliefs and ideals and begin the journey toward awakening. Until that time, they may or may not be playing 'follow the leader'. 

All is well, it is okay, everyone has their own journey and they will do what they do, that's what makes them unique. We all have a reason for being on this earth at this particular time and we will walk our own path, our own way and in our own time, awake or otherwise.