Thursday, 5 January 2017


If I push hard enough against unwanted things, they will go away.

Anything you give your attention to becomes bigger. So the harder you push against what you do not want, the more specific or the harder you push against it, the more vibration is activated within you about it and the less likely it is to go away. Abraham-Hicks

When something in your life is not running smoothly and you are doing your very best to make it right, you are focusing on it..... constantly! It is on your mind at all times, you're thinking about what you can do to make it right, how you can fix it. Most of us are problem solvers, or at least we like to think we are. So we become like a dog with a bone, thinking that if we keep at it long enough, focus our attention on it and keep gnawing we'll figure it out. The amazing thing is - anything you give your attention to becomes bigger. 

So, as you are trying to think of a way to solve the problem, you are actually creating a bigger version of it. It will not go away, in fact, it will continue to get worse and worse.  Most of us truly believed, until now, that we had to keep our nose to the grindstone and figure things out, get it done. Not true.

All you need to do is change your mind, stop giving your attention to the problem, just leave 'IT' alone and continue enjoying your life. Nothing will go away if you keep picking at it. Go do something else, clear your head, think of something that brings you joy..... focus on the joy. It's a learned behaviour, you can alter your mood just that fast. The problem may have felt all-encompassing, and yet now the joy is beginning to seep in. 

Concentrate only on positive, joyous thoughts and change your world. Don't give any more of your attention to the negative, in any of its many forms.