Thursday, 14 January 2016


Never blame anyone in your Life.
Good people give you Happiness.
Bad people give you Experience.
Worst people give you a Lesson.
& Best people give you memories.

Every person that you come in contact with from birth to death has come to you for a reason. There are no chance meetings, no coincidences, and no accidents. 

You have a purpose for being here at this time, and the people you meet will help direct you toward that goal. You chose to have these people come into your life at the exact time they show up.  You will learn something from everyone on your path, and they learn from you. 

Sometimes you wonder, when you are in a bad situation, what you could have possibly done to deserve this? You might try turning that question around and ask 'what is this person trying to show/teach me?'  Everyone is a teacher, and with a complete, honest and open review of the situation, you will be closer to figuring it out. The thing is, if you don't, you'll end up in a similar situation again and again, until you do.

So there is no reason to blame anyone in your life, they are doing you a favour, they are helping you to work on what needs to be changed. For instance: you are with someone that puts you down, continually. They are trying to get you to stand up for yourself, to love yourself. They are not aware of what they are doing, but their background and circumstances have made them who they are. And they 'instinctively know' who will 'put up with', (or at a soul level, 'needs') their crap. You will get it when you get it and stop allowing anyone to disrespect you. Until then you are immersed in a lesson. We all have a lot to learn.  Aren't we blessed to have teachers among us?

"We are just walking each other home." - Rumi