Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Step 1: Let people do what they need to do to make them happy, mind your own business and do what you need to do to make you happy. The End

Fairly simple, we should be able to do that blindfolded, don't you think? 
The main thing to remember is to: 

Let People Do What They Need To Do To Make Them Happy

You know... the questions, advice, and opinions you have for your younger brother's decisions in his life..... those need to remain unsaid. Even though you 'know' he's screwing up his life, as always, and he'll never grow up or have any sense... it is his life and he is entitled to screw it up if he wants to. He has the right to be happy, no matter whether you like the way he goes about it or not.

Mind Your Own Business

This seems to be the hardest lesson.... as a friend, parent, sibling or relative of any kind, your job is to love and support your family/friend, that's it. Once they are adults, they need to run their own lives. If you get in the middle of it, you are holding them back from their potential or creating total disharmony in your family. You don't want the rest of the family to be forced to choose sides. Now, that being said, if he asks for your advice, you can offer it, but it is his choice whether he wants to take it or not. 

Do What You Need To Do To Make You Happy

Now that you are not involved in everybody else's business, you have the time to meditate on what you need to do to make yourself happy.