Friday, 16 October 2015


"The person who trusts can relax into existence. The person who cannot trust remains tense, remains anxious, afraid." Osho

We all enter the world perfect and whole, and we remain perfect and whole. It rarely appears that way because life steps in, buttons are installed, issues are implanted and we end up a hot mess. This leaves many with trust issues. 

Trust issues originate from role models in childhood being unreliable, violent, or absent. You soon learn that you can't trust or rely on anyone. This feeling is perpetuated if you have experienced broken trust in a relationship or were let down by someone you cared for. Lack of trust will be detrimental to relationships throughout the rest of your life and could hold you back from experiencing true joy and fulfillment.  

Hurt people hurt people. Those who have been hurt in the past often hurt other people in a dysfunctional form of self-protection. When you live with the mindset that something may be taken away from you or that you need to be in control of everything, you endure fear daily.

It is critical to not let past hurts dictate present relationships. "You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control what happens within you." (Sue Augustine) It will begin with being honest with yourself, facing your fears and working on letting them go. Trust is vital to a healthy relationship, beginning with yourself. You are not the person you were ten years ago, or even last week. By now you know that accepting life as it is and releasing negativity will create a calm and peaceful life.