Friday, 12 December 2014


For a person to achieve its greatest expression, he/she must come completely undone....

This quote is an analogy for human growth... for the greatest expression, one must start from the beginning. 

Life can, and often will, break you down in order to build you up again. I am talking from experience with this concept. You need to get down and desperate, in some cases, before you will allow any cracks in your armour to let the light in. You have to hit rock bottom and allow that to be the foundation from which you begin to rebuild your life.

You can have some awakenings in your life, you can look at things in new ways,  you can do things you have never have before; but if you really need to grow, if you have some obstacle to overcome; then you need to come completely undone. That is when you really GET IT. That is when you finally give in, give it up and really start to figure out what this life is all about. 

You know this feeling; being at the end of your rope, not knowing where to go or what to do next. When you feel like you have no other choice, but to just let go. When you are finally out of the way, it allows the universe to take over. It is not giving up, it is merely realizing that you cannot handle it alone. 

This could be the greatest moment in your life, this realization that you are not alone, that you can ask for help, and believing that you will receive what you need. And you will.

Like the seed, your shell cracks, your insides come out (at least they feel like they do), and everything changes. You evolve as a person, you understand. This is the beginning, a rebirth. Embrace the change, immerse yourself in this new experience,  your soul is awakening.