Tuesday, 9 December 2014


To make a deep mental path....

This is exactly how it is done. If you want to be kind to yourself and others, you need to change the thought processes that determine your actions and words. You want to keep all incoming and outgoing messages, thoughtful and loving.

Kind thoughts encourage kind actions. Your heart will expand if you delete negative ideas from your mind. This is the rationale for affirmations. If you have a quote or saying on your mirror telling you that you are wonderful, eventually you may come to realize that you are wonderful. That is, of course, if you read it on a regular basis. The problem is when something is always in the same place and says the same thing, you actually don't see it anymore. So change it, colour it or bling it out, something to draw your attention to it. 

Your thoughts can become your reality.

Repetition or memorization works... seeing or hearing something over and over, will eventually implant it in your brain. Therefore make sure you choose your thoughts carefully and only entertain the thoughts you wish to dominate your life. Your future is a result of what you do today. Therefore, surround yourself with positive people that contribute esteem building programs to your brain and eliminate toxic associations. Don't assume the worst, deal in the moment and the facts, do not project fear into what may or may not happen in your life. You are in control of what you think, reject thoughts that don't encourage you to be your own wonderful self.

"You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be." Marianne Williamson