Sunday, 8 June 2014

Simple Life

Leading a simple life does not necessarily mean you have to downsize your home and everything in it. It can also mean cutting down on your emotional baggage, and allowing time for some self-love and exploration . 

It is amazing how simple life becomes when you eliminate drama, drop the dead wood, and let other people have their own lives, while you take care of yours and yours only. 

A stress-free or even a stress-less life, can you imagine it? The sad part about that thought is: stress - all the running around, all the worry, all the negative thoughts, are formed in your own head. Most of them have little to do with fact or reality. Fictitious disasters abound. Really? What is there to worry about exactly? Did you, honestly just create something to worry about? Do you feel that if you are not fretting that it looks like you don't care? Or is it all just drama, with some people pleasing, and attention seeking thrown in? Stress less, laugh more! 

Practice gratitude. Be thankful for anything and everything, it elevates your energy level and good things will come to you. The way to "get" is to be grateful for what you already have. 

Spread your love around, everybody loves love. And take some time for yourself, read a book, take a bubble bath, have a nap, seek joy.

Spend some time reflecting on your life, what are your needs, are they fulfilled, are you happy, do you take time for yourself, do you have passion, do you love? Then,  BREATHE, BELIEVE & RECEIVE, everything is waiting for you

You deserve to live your best life, it's simple!

"You is Kind
You is Smart
You is Important"
Aibileen - The Help