Thursday, 5 June 2014

I have come to understand, during my journey, that we choose this life; we choose our parents and all the people surrounding us. We also choose when and if we want to come back to the earth plane. We choose our sex and all our relationships. We choose everything that happens to us, the good, the bad and the ugly; in order to perfect. 

It’s the yin and the yang...without the bad times how will you recognize the good times? It’s all set up before we are’s a plan, a blueprint. 

In fact, as I learned recently, our life’s purpose is even written in our fingerprints, like a branding. Jill M. Boadway is a reader of of hands and of fingerprints. She is able to tell you your own unique life's purpose. It is an amazing experience to sit with Jill and have her tell you why you are here. ( Thanks, Jill  We have been sent here or we have come back to earth, however you choose to see it, with a secret coding as to who we are. That is so powerful!

If there is someone in your life that makes you feel bad about yourself, in any way, this person is here for the lesson, for you, for your growth. 

And the others that sustain you, your family, your life partners, your friends, all the ones you feel forever blessed to have in your circle; are obviously the blessings. 

You will meet both types throughout your life, they will help, in their own way, on your journey. There are no accidents, you met them for a reason, which will become clear to you soon enough. Even the people you thought you would rather not have met, have something to teach you, or you them. It is profound and wonderful how it all works out, how we all learn and grow. 

So go outside and enjoy the sunshine, all is well.