Friday, 1 May 2015


Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath....

When you find yourself getting angry over anything at all, it is because a button has been pushed. There is some memory within that hurts, and you lash out.

When you hear of gangs, wars, bullying, violence of any sort, you know there is pain at the heart of the matter. They don't need a weapon, they need a hug. I know that sounds cheesy, but seriously, if you remove pain from the equation, there is no reason to fight. There is no need to have 'power over' someone else. No one would need to tear someone down to build themselves up; they would already feel complete within. 
In a perfect world, right?

It just takes one person to start the ball rolling. When you see anger, try recognizing the pain that person is experiencing. You could make a huge difference in someone's life by your reaction. 

Everyone has massive amounts of baggage and you just don't know what spurred this act of force. Of course, you cannot put yourself in danger, but there is no need to retaliate either. We need more compassion and understanding in our world, more people that don't answer anger with anger. 

There are other ways to deal with things besides allowing yourself to sink to that level. Have some empathy and attempt to defuse the situation in a calm and reasonable manner, if at all possible. If not, just recognize where it is coming from and keep yourself at a safe distance. Just know that the anger, is a sign of other issues and has nothing to do with you, but is coming from the pain within.

"Anyone who is angry is fearful"  Byron Katie