Wednesday, 9 July 2014

This continues yesterday's blog post concerning expectations. Each time we carefully plan out any scenario, we are creating expectations around it. 

"If I run into him at the bank, I'm just going to tell him.....","If I don't get that job, I'm going to....", or  "They can't do that to me, when I see them, I am going to...." 

There are a lot of "going to's" going on here... all those things you would do if "whatever" happened. So you spend the entire day, week, month, plotting and planning precisely, how you will handle "whatever", when or if it happens. Planning what you will say, each word and nuance along with how you will act. Look how complex this is becoming. You are trading a day, or more, of your life planning for something that hasn't even happened and perhaps never will. What is that all about? 

This seems to be a very common phenomenon, to plan out your life with each and every scenario covered, "if he says this or that, or if this happens or that happens" Why would you do this? Does it keep you safe? Does it prevent "whatever" from taking place? Does it make sure that you are OK even if "whatever" does take place? I think most people think that they have to do their due diligence in every possible situation just in case it happens. Again, Why? 
How has this planning worked for you so far? Have you prevented anything "bad" from entering your life? Have you come out unscathed from the dreaded meeting? Does everything you plan work out perfectly?

Realistically, not only are you wasting your life, but if you are so focused on what could go wrong, you are missing all the good things that are trying to get past all the planning and fill you with joy.

So as the quote says... RELAX, BREATHE, TRUST, LET GO and just wait and see what happens. Waiting to see is just as dependable as planning your life. Control is just an illusion.