Monday, 31 August 2015


'UBUNTU' in the Xhosa culture means "I am because we are."

All the indigenous tribes of every country have/had to learn to live off the land. They have an inherent instinct They understand the need to continue with the traditions that keep them grounded. They have respect for nature and gratitude for her bounty. They live on and with the land, waters and wildlife; and are well aware of the flora and it's healing properties. 

Ceremonies are preformed to offer thanks for the harvest and abundance received throughout the year. They have learned to depend on themselves and each other for survival. They worked together, played together, fought together and worshiped together. They were as one.

My how things have changed, at least here in North America. While some families continue to live off the land and keep their families close, it isn't the norm. Things are no longer that simple. Most families, today, are spread across the globe and many know nothing of their ancestry. Although some families remain in tact, the world has changed so drastically that there is little resemblance to the alliances of yesteryear. That bond is gone. Who do you rely on now? 

Most people, it appears, have formed their own tribes, adopted grandparents or their friends become their families. It's much easier to keep in touch with actual family members now, on various devices. So there are still bonds connecting us as one. Different perhaps, but humans will always find a way to connect.

UBUNTU - "I am because we are"