Tuesday, 11 April 2017


You can't calm the storm, so stop trying. 
What you can do is calm yourself.
The storm will pass.

This is the long and the short of it ... when your whole world comes crashing down, what is important is how you react to it.

Whatever has happened, has already taken place. It is a choice how you react to 'bad' news. Yes, it is devastating, but it is a fact. Many people try to deny things that seem too overwhelming in their lives. But that, too, is a choice. Countless people need fantasy in order to survive reality.

It is different if it is an emergency and you are running to help someone in need, your adrenaline pumping, your heart pounding. You will automatically try to calm yourself down, so as to help the individual. It is amazing how calm, cool and collected we can be when we are jumping into the storm to aid someone else. In this situation, we can be calm and we can help soothe them.

But during a personal crisis, the same technique doesn't seem to work as effectively. The bottom falls out of your world and where is that self-assured attitude? This situation is happening to YOUand fear steps in when it is personal. 

There is a separate 'tool' required. You have to dredge up some faith, confidence, trust, and conviction that assures you that you are okay, no matter what the outcome. If you truly believe that you are alright, it really doesn't matter what storms occur in your world. Although it is admirable to run to the aid of someone in need, remember, you are important too and deserve the same consideration.  Working on your 'stuff' will give you the faith and trust you need to weather any storm. 

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