Friday, 3 February 2017

“Love is what we are born with.
Fear is what we learn.
The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices
and the acceptance of love back in our hearts”

Marianne Williamson

Sometimes being afraid isn't as obvious as fear of flying, or being afraid of the dark; it is being afraid of something that may or may not happen, something that could happen, fear of change, and the "what if" syndrome. "What if" can be projected into almost any situation.  "What if" I get sick? "what if" we have an earthquake? 

The fact is the fears are created in our minds, we can be afraid of anything or everything. There is usually a trigger, set in your youth or a specific incident that triggers the "fight or flight" stance that we jump directly into. Fear is considered a "healthy" emotion when there is indeed danger on the horizon, it keeps you on your toes. The issue is when there isn't any danger and yet the fear is there. This is living in fear, you are conjuring it up in your mind, simply searching for a reason to be scared.

By projecting our thoughts into the future, we can come up with many imaginary fears. Many have fears of contracting disease, germs, losing their job, or a loved one etc.  At the moment none of these things are taking place, but they are living their life afraid that they will. Fear can keep people from having any quality of life, and will usually result in you creating exactly what you were afraid of. The biggest fear for most is the fear of dying. I have found that a trust in the universe, a higher power, and an understanding that you never really die, you live on, will give you the comfort, a safety net if you will. 

How many of the "what ifs" in your life have actually happened? Don't even entertain thoughts of "what if", think of all the "good" things that happen to you, not what may. Be grateful, love, trust and realize that you are OK, that you have always been OK, there is really nothing to be afraid of. We are all spirits on a human journey, we will return from whence we came. All is well. So what would YOU do if you weren't afraid?