Friday, 24 March 2017


They say....

"Watch our for that and
watch out for that and
watch out for that." 

And so you stand guarded,
and in that guardedness,
you attract that which you
are guarding against.


If you watch the nightly news or read facebook, twitter, newspapers and the subject matter has a negative effect on you, it doesn't matter if it is sadness, outrage, fear or anger, it will stay with you. You carry that feeling with you, sometimes even seeing a rerun in your mind's eye to cement it even further into your psyche. Therefore, the vibration you are sending to the Universe is also negative. 

You pick up the vibrations from other humans along the way, combined with, any number of situations that happen throughout your day will contribute to the feeling of doom and gloom. Even if you are trying to remain positive, all these random hits could be dragging you down. This is the reason for a conscious decision, daily, to keep your vibration high. You have to work at it, it will not simply happen. Surround yourself with upbeat people, get out of your head, commune with nature and animals. No one can afford one minute of negativity.

Your job is just to be happy, however, only you can make that happen. Stay in your own business, don't take life too seriously, don't dwell on the world situation and things you cannot change, spread love and just let life flow.