Thursday, 23 March 2017


It's amazing how things come into place when you use the power of the universe and stop believing that you create through the mundane, mediocre, not-very-powerful-at-all action that you muster by dragging your bodies from place to place.

Your action was never meant to be the way that you'd create your reality. The action was the way you meant to enjoy the reality that you create through the aligning of your thoughts. Abraham

One More Time: your ACTION was never meant to be the way you create your reality. I have no idea what school of thought you were raised with, but the school of hard knocks that I was enrolled in, certainly taught that the 'way to the top, to get ahead, to succeed,' was HARD work, your nose to the grindstone etc. In other words, if you work, work, work, you will succeed, succeed, succeed. Maybe it was because we were confused about the word 'succeed', I know most of us thought that meant a good job, great pay, and CHOICES. 

At this point in my life, I finally understand that struggle was never on the agenda. Although I employed the 'action' method, I found that the harder I worked, the 'behindier' I got, so I tried not working harder, but working smarter, with the same result. Either way, I was struggling to achieve, attain, fulfill, earn, win. gain, and/or score.

Therein lies the problem. I was setting myself up for struggle, using the action to try and achieve, never realizing that results (getting what you want) came from me, my vibration, the frequency I was emitting. Never did anyone emit a positive frequency while struggling to make ends meet. Your reality WILL be whatever you want it to be... End the struggle, enjoy your life and everything you want will come to you.