Wednesday, 8 March 2017


We volunteered to come to Planet Earth at this time to raise the collective consciousness back to its original Divine Template.

We have chosen to return to the earth again this time because we still have more to learn. We enter into situations with chosen people for this purpose. Everyone that crosses our path has a purpose in the 'big picture'. There are no accidents and no mistakes.

I know this concept is unorthodox and peculiar to some, just as the heaven & hell scenario sounds peculiar to me.

When we are still in the spirit state, our souls decide on the life we will have on earth this time. We enlist other spirits to do the life with us and play particular roles in our new existence. They agree to play the parts, for which we are truly grateful, as this means we will be receiving the guidance that has prompted the return. These souls will show up in our lives at an appointed time and do exactly what they were meant to do to encourage our growth. This is why when you meet someone that seems familiar - it's as though you have known them all your life; it's because you do 'know' them, you chose them to play this part.

Everyone you meet is involved, it's divine. Not everyone will be kind and loving, there will be the ones that treat you badly, and they too, have a purpose. It's all about the lessons, which will continue until you are whole again. Each lesson learned contributes to your healing and growth.

It is a complex plan and it's universal. By learning your lessons and elevating your vibration, you are contributing to the advancement of the collective consciousness.  By healing yourself, you are assisting in the healing of the earth and everything on it.