Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Just keep telling yourself,

I'm in charge here.

I'm in charge of my life.

I'm in charge of what comes.

I'm in charge of how I feel.


This is your show, you are the main character, the director, and the producer. The cast and crew are simply those you have chosen to do your life with you. Everyone in your show is there to assist and/or support you in your quest. 

We each wrote our own script for this lifetime on earth, we chose all of the people that have come or will come into our lives. Each of them came to us with a purpose, to aid us on our journey and teach us a relevant lesson. So, your parents, friends, lovers, enemies and even your children are chosen by you and each will have something to teach you. It is all orchestrated for your growth, and you, in turn, are doing your part for these people and others, as well. 

Don't allow anyone else to control your life, they have their own life to control and that's enough.

We can make our life a comedy or a tragedy, it's up to each one of us. YOU ARE IN CHARGE of everything to do with your own life. Therefore, if you feel that your life is a tragedy, you have 'ordered' that by your attitude. You may need an attitude adjustment to start looking at life differently. Make it easier on yourself.

Life was never meant to be a struggle.