Monday, 3 October 2016


Illness is caused by giving thought to unwanted topics, feeling negative emotion but ignoring it, and continuing to focus upon the unwanted such that the negative emotion is becoming greater--but still ignoring it and maintaining attention upon the unwanted ..... until, by the Law of Attraction, still more negative thoughts and experiences are attracted.

However, the illness is only an indication of your vibration; and whenever you change your vibration, the indicator will change to match the new vibration. Illness is nothing more than a physical indicator of Energy out of balance.  Abraham-Hicks

Wow! that's a relief, isn't it? Now you know it's something that you can do something about, not just the 'luck of the draw.' 'Illness is nothing more than a physical indicator of Energy out of balance.' 

The message remains the same ... when you insist on holding on to resentments from the past, not letting go of the hurt and anger, allowing negative memories and current rejections to play around in your head, and then, filling up on depressing world news every evening, you are setting the stage for illness. 

The thing is, the negativity you cling to is only hurting you. The person(s) that wronged you is not living your life, you are. You can't change past situations, so stop accepting the pain as your due. For your health, find a way to free yourself. Don't give any more time or power to the hurt and focus instead on all the good things in your life today. Elevate your vibration.