Friday, 30 September 2016


'What is' has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of what is. By thinking and speaking more of how you really want your life to be, you allow what you are currently living to be the jumping-off place for so much more. But if you speak predominantly of 'what is', then you still jump off - but you jump off into more of the same. 

Maybe the life you are leading is not all that great, certainly not what you aspired to or dreamed of, and you probably feel like you've just about had enough of going nowhere. You are consumed with thoughts of defeat and it seems to come up in every conversation. Whatever is causing this collapse that is controlling your reality is getting far too much attention.  It may feel very critical to you, and therefore you can justify the obsession but, in fact, it only gets worse. If you feel it is critical, it will be critical and will result in manifesting 'more of the same.'

That's your life as it stands today, this is the 'what is' of your existence. I know, you don't want it to remain that way. Go back to your dreams and aspirations, how did you want your life to look? Keep that image at the forefront of your thinking and speaking more how your really want your life to be, you allow what you are currently living to be the jumping off place for so much more.' 

If this isn't the life you want, YOU can change it, in fact, ONLY YOU can change it. Stop focusing on the bad stuff, it will pass, think of what you want, wallow in what you want. Keep all the good stuff in the forefront. You are the creator of your life, it can be whatever you want it to be, so let it be the perfect life for you.