Friday, 2 September 2016


Stop giving your heart back to the hands that broke it, expecting them to repair it....

Some of the quotes, or the subjects of my blogs may seem repetitious to some, but I find that you won't see it until you see it. Sometimes it is the format, the way it is said, that "gets" to you, or it may simply be the timing; that you are open at that particular time and you actually hear/see what is being said. This may be the day where it all makes sense.

How many of us have had our hearts broken by someone, not only once, but over and over again? I think the opening sentence is very profound. Stop giving your heart back to the hands that broke it, expecting them to repair it. Why would we think that the one that would break our heart could or would fix it? Are we expecting them to clean up the mess they made? You know, the "you broke it, you fix it" attitude? 

You cannot change anyone, or make them think/act a different way. The person in question is who he/she is, they do what they do, in this case it is breaking your heart. And who is trying to fix it? Could that be YOU? I am not only speaking of a lover, in this instance, I'm referring to your child, your parent, your boss, or your friend. You are looking for something from someone that is incapable of giving it to you. This, is YOUR issue. This is the time to leave it alone, to walk away, to start again, to love yourself enough to accept only the very best. 

No one has the right to hurt another human or any living thing. Sometimes people are just thoughtless and that can be forgiven, but to deliberately and continually try to hurt someone is more than need be tolerated. I know you probably have a history together, and everything is not that simple but, the fact is, this is about your self-esteem. If you loved yourself you would not tolerate anyone hurting you in any way. You cannot blame the person who is hurting you in a situation like this, it is squarely on your shoulders. He/she does not love you, but neither do you...... It starts with YOU!

"This above all: to thine own self be true" William Shakespeare