Thursday, 30 July 2015


Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come ALIVE and then go and do that; because what the world needs is people who have come ALIVE.

Be alive....join the human race..wake up! Participation is required. 

As we wander through life half asleep, not noticing anything around us, we are missing the the whole point. We fill our lives with 'busy'ness, running back and forth, to and fro and basically accomplishing nothing. We all need to just calm down, nothing is worth ruining your health and well being. I know it's a leap to suggest meditation to many of you, but some relaxation technique would certainly help. 

We need to find some method of stress reduction, some method of  relaxation, enjoyment, something soothing, that brings some relief. Perhaps a run, a swim, a walk in the woods, something out of the house, away from the technology. We need something that makes us feel ALIVE. (during my walks in the woods, I have seen many people, running and chatting on their phones. They are doing the obligatory run, but have no awareness whatsoever of their surroundings, of the scents and scenes in the woods) Leave the technology at home and be present, be one with nature.

Stress is the greatest cause of illness/death, and we are all aware of the multitude of causes of stress in today's world. You really don't need a 'near death' experience to make you feel ALIVE, do you? The stress WILL manifest into disease if left unattended.

Do what makes you feel ALIVE. Whatever you choose...shake off the worries and stress of your world and start to really live.