Tuesday, 28 July 2015


The world doesn't need saving. It just needs you to open up your heart and be love. Daniel Nielsen

Below is a quote from my perceptive friend, Sandy Dow-@sandydow.com, from one of her recent blogs; in which she displays the compassion and love with which she navigates the world. Thank you, Sandy

"The earth will look after itself, it is much stronger, wiser and more resilient than we can imagine. The earth has a way or correcting and re-balancing herself, although we may not like what it looks like. We have  populated her, and live where she breathes fire, blows hurricanes and shakes to adjust her core.

A Shamanic teacher taught me that the earth can toss us off anytime she wants, she is strong and no matter what, she will endure." Often her fury is a reflection of us as a species. We, as a species are becoming ill emotionally and spiritually. It is time for us to look at our earth, it's elements and creatures as our teachers. They are here to show us how to live more consciously toward each other and to her. To do that we have to take responsibility for our personal healing so we can move slower and create deeper love and connection to each other and our land. And no longer see our earth or ourselves as broken."

We are all one with the earth, the flora and fauna. In today's world,  we have turned our backs on what really matters and are looking everywhere for what we think we need....we have strayed from the basics and turned our attention from spiritual matters to material accumulation. 

Our source of power has shifted to 'what we can get' instead of what 'we have' or what 'we can give'. We have lost our appreciation factor AND our gratitude. We need to be concerned about healing ourselves, which will, in turn heal our planet. There is no need to look outside yourself to heal anything, it's all within YOU.