Thursday, 2 July 2015


That night she told her gentle friends, "I would rather lead a simple life than dine on riches, and live in fear."  Richard Scarry

That's right, Richard Scarry, the prolific writer of children's books. When I spotted this quote it, quite literally, smacked me between the eyes. What did he mean by that? It seems to be implying that people with money are afraid, living in fear. Is that true? Why is that? Why would having money create a life of fear? Are you only afraid if you are rich? Do poor people ever feel afraid? Why would Richard Scarry put a line like this in a children's book? 

Money always seems to bring out the worst in people, their greed and selfishness, negative emotions that are fear based. I feel that you are afraid or you are not. If you are fear driven and happen to have lots of money or fear driven with very little money; you will have the same results. Fear begets fear. 

If you are afraid of losing what you have accumulated, it shows a lack of trust in YOU. You are deserving and worthy of having all the universe has to offer. You have always received what you need, you are valuable. You are running a program in your mind telling you that 'money is the root of all evil' or some similar form of nonsense.

F. E. A. R. False Evidence Appears Real. Fear is a reaction, a choice. You, as a reasonable adult, have the choice; to be afraid or NOT be afraid. 

The original question remains.... why would Richard Scarry put a line like this in a children's book? Children will perpetuate the fears of their parents, or in this case, perhaps Richard Scarry's fears. Don't follow the crowd, life isn't meant to be a struggle. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and be grateful for all that you have.